Coding The Matrix: Linear Algebra Through Computer Science Applications

About The Course

The course has been taught at Brown University since 2008, and is being taught in Fall 2013.  Slides will be made available here.
A shortened version has been taught through Coursera.  The aim of this course is to provide students interested in computer science an introduction to vectors and matrices and their use in CS applications.

The course is driven by applications from areas chosen from among: computer vision, cryptography, game theory, graphics, information retrieval and web search, and machine learning.

Course Resources

Data and support code required for carrying out the assignments are provided here.

Auto-grading is made available for some of the tasks.

Here are the first and second labs from Edition One. These have nothing to do with linear algebra. They are provided to bring the reader up to speed in the part of Python we use in the book. Here is a document intended to assist people with making the transition from loops to comprehensions.  You can use Python Tutor to debug, visualize, and check your solutions to the tasks in this lab.

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Slides from the course taught at Brown University in Fall 2013:

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About The Book

Example Applications

Here are examples of applications addressed in Coding the Matrix.